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Katie’s Lounge

a journey full of taste


All our meals are freshly prepared on-site from local sourced sustainable ingredients that make our dishes healthy and exceptionally delicious. We pride ourselves on carefully selected Italian wines, specially imported from small family owned Italian vineyards that are a perfect match to our food menu. 

We believe that dinning is a small celebration and we want you to feel that way too! In our restaurant you can truly relax as you listen to ambient sounds of jazz music as you enjoy your meal and take in the various forms of art painted by local artists.

Come and visit us and enjoy an Italian coffee or glass of Italian wine with your lunch or dinner. If you would like to make a reservation for that special romantic candle lit dinner with your loved one or if you would like us to cater and host your business event at our venue, then please contact us.


Eat TogetheR

Cosy and elegant restaurant filled with smooth jazz music
where fine foods meet great taste

The restaurant is famous for its freshly home-made food.



Katie’s Lounge recognized as the best restaurant; is one of the most unique and magical places in the heart of Coventry. This place has an usual atmosphere where both tradition and and culinary art complementing each other.

The atmosphere of the place is accompaninated by Jazz music.